Since 1999, we have struggled to bring "Hope" to Zimbabwe, where the AIDs epidemic has reached pandemic proportions.

We are happy to have the chance to show you our work in this African country where the AIDS epidemic has reached pandemic proportions. We hope that the progress we have made since we begin this project in 1999, will inspire you to join our cause or even better ... encourage you to dream some dream of your own.
We are constantly amazed to see how God took our stumbling efforts and turned them into something good. He will do the same for you ... anytime you choose to reach out and touch someone in need.

Please click on the above sites to view film clips of our work in Zimbabwe! 
For those of you who are interested in supporting our work with AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe ... every penny of every dollar given goes directly to the Village Hope project in rural Zimbabwe.

Donations can be made through  

“The Children of Zimbabwe Fund” C/O The Community Foundation, 3833 Cleghorn Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37215 (make checks to ‘Children of Zimbabwe Fund’) 
        For online giving click here to contact the Community Foundation.                 

                             Keri Kidd Cannon  keri.cannon@comcast.net
                            Pam Kidd       Pamkidd@icloud.com